Photek USA starts from 1977 and keeps creating the best tools for the Photographer

Photek USA starts from 1977 and keeps creating the best tools for the Photographer,We have a very high quality SoftLighter, background, support system, & etc.
We respect this workmanship and continue to develop more new accessories for photographers to enable their taking picture easier and with nice performance image.

We also represent Tiltall (since 1946) professional tripod, JM SmartViewer( famous German Photographer, Dr. Jochen Mueller ), EZ Hi-Def and more accessories to help the photographer for perfect image as well as creativity,

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Company Advantage

Photek is well experienced in studio and lighting equipment. Professional team constantly innovates and upholds quality. Combining with various excellent products about photography, global strongholds provide users with high-quality services.

Located in Connecticut, our products are available from the many dealers listed on this website.

How we started

35 Years and getting stronger…

35 Years and getting stronger…

Edward Ralph Emmett, an independent sales representative for Speedotron Co. and other photographic equipment companies, founded Photek Inc. in 1979. Ralph had a keen eye for seeing what the photographic industry was missing in studio accessories for electronic flash systems.

His answer was the Goodlighter umbrella system. The key to the Goodlighter is a white reflective surface material that is free of bleaches and fluorescence, p erfectly reflects the color of your light. Most umbrellas are made with 8 panel construction, but the Goodlighter is made with 10 panel construction giving it a more rounded light pattern. The Goodlighter sold in three sizes: 36, 46, and 60 inches.

In the mid 1980’s, Ralph designed a front Diffuser cover and called this new product, Photek’s Softlighter. The light reflected off the white surface then diffused thru the softlighter white cover delivers light as soft as moonglow.

The overwhelming success of these two products made Photek stand out in the photo industry. Ralph continued to make Photek a leader with the invention of other products.

Ralph always insisted on making only quality products at an affordable price.

Photek is a respected name in the photograph industry thanks to our customers, our professional Dealers, and all of the dedicated employees over the past 35 years.

-Larry Farrell

P.S.:Larry Farrel is a very well experienced photographer and have worked at Photek for over 25 years.He is 82 this year.